Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Terrible twos? No, just a little nutty!

What do I have to do to make this blog more of a priority?  It's 1:17. Jack goes down for his nap at 1, but he's really been fighting it lately. He's not asleep yet.  Nora-- well, she's all over the nap map right now but she happens to be snoozing.  Of course I have things to do, which mostly involve cleaning (It's bathroom day- fun!) and prepping tonight's meal. But- -I have given myself permission to sit her, update my blog, and perhaps try to finish The Great Gatsby.  

I was telling my mom on the phone this morning that I am slowly, slowly learning that I simply cannot do things the way I used to when Jack was younger, or when it was just him.  For example, yesterday I thought I could load both kids up and head down to good ol' IKEA. We'd get there when it opened, I'd throw Nora in the stroller, Jack would stand up on the back, we'd cruise the showroom, and maybe I would pick up a thing or two. Oh, Nikki.  I am still so naive, aren't I? The problems started at 9:30 in the café line trying to get breakfast.  I have a two year old that hates strollers and likes to run away from me. Fast.  Chaos ensues for the first time.  That soon turns into me wrestling him into the bench portion of the stroller, strapping him in, which leads to him turning around and whacking his baby sister in the head, over and over.  Sigh.  I suppose one of the more frustrating parts for me is I feel myself losing patience. I feel out of control, sometimes, like I want to scream.  Then I realize. I'm that mom, which the wailing infant and the two year old on the lose.  Lesson:  Just do NOT take your two young kids to a place like IKEA by yourself.  Just don't.

All is well over here. This past weekend we celebrated John's birthday. Aunt Ann came into town, and Jack absolutely adores her. Why? Because she plays with him, of course!  All weekend long Jack asked about daddy's queque y helado and we did not disappoint.  It was so nice to have Ann in town-- not only for the company and fun times, but an extra set of hands!  It made getting around with the two kiddos a bit easier for me. Thanks, Ann!

Here are some pictures from the last month.

Nora on the fourth of July in the Antietam battle field
Henlopen State Park, Delaware

Riverbend Park, Great Falls, VA

Visiting with Aunt Ann, Barrel Oak Winery, Delaplane, VA

Happy 33rd birthday, John!

Naked babies are the best

Birthday brunch at Caboose Cafe, Del Ray, Alexandria, VA

Thanks for visiting, Ann!

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  1. You're awesome. Also, I was just reading the great gatsby too!