Monday, April 15, 2013

Two years

My dear Jack-

Today is April 15, 2013.  You turned two years old 8 days ago, but I feel like we have been celebrating for weeks!  I don't take the time nearly enough to put into words how I feel about you-- or ever, really.  Much less do I broadcast my feelings on the internet, so I may surprise myself if I even choose to publish this post.  I'm rambling now. I will try to be more coherent from this point forward.

Yesterday we had a little party for you and four of your friends at a rec center.  You played in the soft playroom then ate pizza and queque, your favorite.  I noticed you seemed a bit out of it and by simply placing my hand on your forehead I knew you were a bit feverish.  You were so quiet on the way home.  You didn't even want your leche, which is so very uncharacteristic of you!  Your dad and I put you to bed, but I worried throughout the night, especially when I was awake feeding your sister.

I use this short story to illustrate my point. I love you so much, baby boy! Te amo! You are my big, healthy, strong little man.  You never get sick, so when you do, all my worries come to the surface.  Then I realize-- your dad and I are too blessed for words.  Every night when I have a little bit of time (what's that?) to reflect, all I know how to do is to give thanks. Gracias a Díos.  I thank God for my healthy baby boy, and now, for your sister Nora Elizabeth.  I thank God for every little thing about you. I thank Him for the way you get so excited about every little thing. You pump your little arms and get this very serious, intent look on your face.  I pray that you never lose that enthusiasm for life's little things-las cositas-for that is what really matters.  I thank God for your gentle manner, for the way you have welcomed baby Nora into your life with the least amount of fuss possible.  You love to lay next to her on her playmat and watch las luces.  You will always love her and protect her, Jack.  I just know that.  I thank God for your beautiful blue eyes and your big round cheeks! I know the cheeks won't be there forever, but everyone comments on them because they are so cute!

I write this note en inglés, because I do communicate better in English. However, over one year ago while we were living in Denver I made the vow to myself to speak to you only en español. I made it a personal commitment, that I would take one day at a time.  I am proud to say that I have spoken only en español  to you since you were eleven months ago. Jack Jack, you are doing so, so well.  You really are talking a lot, both in Spanish and English.  You are already learning who speaks Spanish and who speaks English, and you are effectively learning how to code- switch, or speak the right language to the appropriate audience! It's pretty amazing.  Thank you for not only being my son, but my student!  Raising a bilingual child is not an easy feat, but I continue to hope and pray that I can do my best each day to give you an appreciation for other languages, cultures, and people.  That is my hope.

I love you so much baby boy.  You are so sweet.  I love the way you hug me. You love mis piernas (my legs) for some odd reason.  When you see flores, (flowers), they aren't just any flowers, they are always las flores de mama. That is what you say.  You are fiercely independent, but you sure do love your dada.  Lately you two have spent a lot of time outside with la manguera (water hose) desperately trying to make daddy's grass seedlings sprout.  Your dad is the absolute best daddy. I really think I would be lost without him!  Es todo por ahora, mi amor.  I love you so much.  You are the best.

John Joseph, "Jack", two years old

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  1. Nikki, such a beautiful tribute to your beautiful, sweet boy! I love this picture of him. And I'm so proud of you for sticking to your guns on the bilingualism. I'm sure it's not easy, but from what I saw and heard while we were visiting, you are doing fantastic.
    Lots of love to you and a big hug to Jack! Happy Birthday, little man!